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Welcome to the
Light-2D Matter Interaction group!





We are an experimental research group devoted to the exploration of the interaction between light and two-dimensional (2D) materials. These 2D materials are atomically thin individual layers of various classification, such as dielectric, semiconducting, metallic, magnetic, etc'. Their layered structure stems from strong, covalent forces between the atoms within the layer itself, and weak, van der Waals forces, between different individual layers. These weak forces allow different 2D materials to be placed directly one on top of the other, without lattice matching constraints, and are known as van der Waals heterostructures. Thus, we can combine different materials with atomic precision in order to get tailored physical properties and optical response. It also enables to build quantum materials with on-demand and controllable quantum properties.

The interaction between light and 2D materials spans from the ultra-violet spectrum all the way to microwaves, and involves a variety of different physical systems and quasi-particles, such as plasmons, excitons and phonons. In the group we study the extraordinary properties of 2D materials, with an emphasis on their interaction with light. We achieve this by performing both room-temperature and low-temperature electro-optical spectroscopy, from the visible to the far-infrared spectrum.

We use the obtained knowledge to push nanophotonics into the atomic scale, and to build atomic-scale electronic and opto-electronic devices, such as photodetectors, sources, modulators, etc.


We are hiring!

MSc and PhD positions are open for enthusiastic students in Electrical-Engineering/Physics/Material science/Chemistry programs. Postdoctoral researcher positions are open for skilled applicants with experimental background in optics and/or 2D materials. For more information please contact: 

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